About Chris

Chris Strydom is a photographer, storyteller, adventure athlete and elite trail runner. He lives to tell stories through adventure sport using photo, video and written word as a medium. His visual and written stories goes beyond just the athletes and adventure. Showcasing the natural world, the people and the cultures involved, he is able to tell a story that goes beyond just the physical and athletic aspect of these sports. “To me adventure sport goes beyond the physical aspect, it allows you to be immersed in new cultures and new places. Including these aspects within my storytelling I am able to tell a fuller and truer story. I am able to showcase the human spirit, human connection and the relationship between humans and the natural world.”

Chris was first introduced to adventure photography through his participation in trail-and-mountain running. “I became fascinated by the photographers moving fast through the mountains and creating images in barely accessible locations.” This drove him to receive his Diploma in Professional Photography shortly after school. To this day he still participates at an elite level in trail races and other adventure sport, enabling him to create images in locations difficult and sometimes impossible for the average photographer to reach.“Using adventure sport as the bases for storytelling, I am able to immerse myself in the action, going through the same emotions as the athletes and sharing the same experiences. This gives me unique insight into the minds of these athletes, enabling me to tell their stories as authentically as possible.”



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